#6 React JS+Native Bonn Meetup with Monika Malolepsza and Christoph Jerolimov

    11. Februar 2020 um 18:00 – 21:30
    Frontend Solutions GmbH
    Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz 17
    53111 Bonn

    Hi friends! We’re thrilled to have the #6 React Bonn Meetup in February 2020 at Frontend Solutions GmbH.

    * React Router
    * Server-Side Rendering with Next.js


    18:00 Arrival

    18:30 React News (JS + Native)
    Let’s keep up to date with new React features!

    19:15 React Router
    Monika Malolepsza

    20:00 Server-Side Rendering with Next.js
    Christoph Jerolimov

    after 20:45 Networking / Open Discussions

    21:30 Finish

    Snacks and Drinks will be provided by Frontend Solutions GmbH.

    About Frontend Solutions GmbH:

    Frontend Solutions GmbH is a highly specialized agency, developing Frontend Apps and Backend Services with React JS+Native, Golang and Java Spring. If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can hire… The FroSos (smile)

    About the group:

    This is a Meetup group for people who want to learn more about React JS and React Native.

    We discuss new features, new tools, present examples and their solutions. With React JS you can build fast web applications. With React Native you can build fast Native iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Apps. React JS is an open source Javascript framework announced by Facebook in 2011, followed by React Native in 2015. Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Airbnb and other great companies are using react and react native. We are happy to see you at our next React JS & React Native Bonn meetup.

    • Do you have any specific topic for a meetup? Interested in hosting one of our next meetups?

    • Want to give a talk at one of the upcoming meetups?

    • Is your company interested in sponsoring React JS & React Native Bonn?

    Feedback or anything else you want to share? Drop a note.


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