✅ Domain-Driven Design Köln/Bonn: ExOCaM Open Space #2


    Das ist ein Event, das von Veranstaltern des Collaborative Modeling Camps organisiert wird! Wir teilen das Event gerne hier, um ein möglichst diverses Teilnehmerfeld zu haben. Der Open Space wird in englisch sein. Würde mich freuen euch dort zu sehen :)

    Und nun zur Einladung:


    Hi everybody,

    in this Open Space we want to further “explore online collaboration and modeling”. We have two short hours so the time frame will be (in CEST):[masked] Welcome and Marketplace[masked] Thinking of Ideas[masked] Presenting Ideas[masked] Clustering and Voting[masked] Discussion in Open Spaces[masked] Presentation of Results and further steps

    Please bring your topics! The Miro is open to post them in advance.

    Please forward this invitation to all interested people 😊


    The story how we came up with this appointment:
    * In a group of interested people from the DDD (and other) communities we plan a recurring meeting to “explore online collaboration and modeling” (ExOCam)
    * Goal: find from “this online stuff sucks” to “there are opportunities in it”
    * We want to make the community more diverse
    * Smaller groups may break out to specific meetings for specific topics
    * There is a Google Group to manage the mailing list. Please register! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/exocam

    Stefan P., Martin, Henning


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