Social System Mapping mit Unity Effect


    Are you curious what social system mapping is all about? Would you like to connect with others in the field and learn more about our approach on the topic? On Monday 12th of August (17:00), Jannik Kaiser and Pedro Portela from Unity Effect ( will be part of the next Social System Mapping On-Ramp Session, introducing the results of the social network mapping we conducted during the last SDG Global Festival of Action in #Bonn in last May.

    A bi-weekly session for:

    – Meeting other Social System Mappers
    – Addressing how to get started Social System Mapping
    – Q & A with experienced Social System Mappers

    The main session will be an hour – with an OPTIONAL additional 1/2 hour at the end for those who want to participate in small group ‘give and get help’ breakouts.
    Who should attend?

    These sessions are designed for people who are:

    – Curious about what Social System Mapping is all about – or what it even is.
    – Wondering how to get started.
    – Somewhere in the process and full of questions (be they visioning, technical or sense-making)
    – Wanting to connect with others who are exploring Social System Mapping

    During the session we will have time to connect with others, get a brief overview of the general process and of the resources available for diggin in, and ask questions.

    Those who have already had the overview can opt-into break-out rooms to connect with each other.

    This session will include:

    – An introductory overview for those brand new to Social System Mapping. (we highly recommend watching this 17 minute intro video before the session so that you’re best able to participate in the discusion)

    – For those who’ve been through the overview we’ll have separate break-outs at that time including:

    • Pedro Portela and Jannik Kaiser of the Unity Effect will share their map & answer questions about it.
    • Tim will share a useful tech tip – to be defined.
    • Possibly another open-space type breakout session – if there’s a topic you’d like to discuss with others for about 15-20 minutes, share your idea in the registration form.

    – We’ll have some Q & A and reflection time together.

    If you want to participate in the session, you can directly register here:


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